On offer now through March 31 only, Nobu 吉隆坡 is pairing a creative and impressive Omakase menu with a range of excellent 葡萄酒s and sakes!


Bringing together some of the most lauded elements of Japan and France, the menu features seven courses complemented by a procession of Champagne, 法文 葡萄酒, sake, and more. Much like its name would suggest, each of the seven courses on the Sake & 葡萄酒 Pairing Omakase is coupled with Nobu 吉隆坡’s finest selections of sake or 葡萄酒, and each course is carefully paired by Executive Chef Philip Leong and the Nobu kitchen team to uncover different notes and flavours that can’t be experienced anywhere else. We were pleased to sample the menu recently and found the pairings to be remarkably on-point.

特别是清酒是一种可爱的享受,甚至诱使通常不喝酒的人’享受清酒。据菲利普厨师说,“我们将Hokusetsu Nobu Daiginjo TK40与寿司配对,因为它是一种奶油状的清酒,可以补充所选的质地和口味。” We couldn’t agree more, though we might have preferred the sake served in a more traditional 日本 style, rather than a 葡萄酒 glass. A small quibble, to be sure, as the food and drink worked masterfully together.


至于整体Omakase菜单,旅程始于多汁的生鱼片“ Moriawase”的切割,其中包括Toro Daikon,Kampachi Jalapeno和Scallop Foie Gras以及G.H。 Mumm Grand Cordon Brut香槟。接下来是寿司课程,精选丰富而decade废的Chu Toro,Tai,Uni和Ika 寿司料理 Cup,配以奶油,细腻和完美平衡的清酒,Hokusetsu Nobu Daiginjo TK40“ Premium Sake”。


只有搭配其他精美的菜肴,菜单才会变得更好。我们绝对喜欢Abhol Salmon with Kohlrabi Salad,搭配法国阿尔萨斯的Rene Mure Riesling Signature。这款酒在每个人中都获得了很高的评价,很多人将其称为当晚的最爱。下一道菜是可爱的阿拉斯加帝王蟹,辅以生姜沙尔萨(Ginger Salsa),并搭配约瑟夫·德鲁因·圣·维兰(Joseph Drouhin St. Veran),那是一种轻松而自信的勃艮第白葡萄酒。接下来是Umami和牛的上等牛排,味道鲜美。疯狂的嫩牛肉与一杯阿根廷著名的门多萨地区的Alamos Seleccion Malbec完美搭配。晚上唯一的非法国葡萄酒(保存为日本李子“wine”)。和牛料理之后,是用醋浸软的番茄海带汤食用,并配上素面。甜点包括a废的意式特浓巧克力慕斯,并配以甜味的北九梅梅酒。



Umami和牛与Alamos Seleccion Malbec配对

您’ll never go wrong with an Omakase menu at Nobu, we feel. When they roll out a special one like this, so nicely paired with a whole array of well-chosen 葡萄酒s and sakes, it’更加确定。


看在...的份上&Wine Pairing Omakase将于2020年3月31日在吉隆坡Nobu发售,价格为每人RM758 ++。建议预订。

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